Training of Officials

There are four levels of national certification administered by the Canadian Football Officials Association (CFOA). In order to officiate at any level, all members of the MFOA are required to hold a minimum of a CFOA Level I standing, or be a first year member actively seeking that standing. Standing at each level is achieved through attendance at the approved CFOA training clinic, followed by a favourable on-field evaluation in an actual game situation. The MFOA offers a Level I clinic annually, and Level II-IV clinics as necessary. Level V is a local designation which is conferred on a Level IV official who has worked an interprovincial play-off game, or whose performance merits such recognition.

In addition to clinics, each member of the MFOA is required to write an annual CFOA Rules Examination prior to the start of the season. Performance on the exam is one of the factors used by the MFOA Evaluation Committee in determining which leagues and positions a particular official may work.