Timekeepers, Female Officials and Family Connections

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As Prepared By Ron Hallock (December 2013) [last edited June 2023]

Timekeepers and the MFOA

The true beginning of timers becoming members of the MFOA occurred in 1961 when Jimmy Dunn was made a member of the MFOA for being a timekeeper extraordinaire. Jimmy timed High School and CFL games.

Jim Foubister and Richard Pilbeam assigned timekeepers. Timekeeping is a way to keep former on-field officials involved in the game.

Female Officials

Although women have officiated football in Manitoba, the MFOA has had a limited number join the Association. In 1986, Lena Jacobs, a football enthusiast who participated as a player and official in the Women’s Touch Football League, joined the MFOA as an Active field official. Lena worked a few games in the Winnipeg Affiliated Football League (players 9-24 years old) before resigning to concentrate on playing and officiating in the women’s touch league.

A more publicized female official was Jennifer Willems, a MFOA member in 1987 and 1988. At her request, Jennifer’s participation in her year was limited to working the yard sticks at Junior and University games. In her section year, Jennifer worked the WAFL before requesting leave – for expecting her first child.

Emily Peters became a level 1 FCOCP-certified official in 1995. She formed the first daughter and father combination, working MFOA officiated games with her dad, Jim Peters.

Karen Strong (1987) daughter of MFOA official Bob Strong worked games together along with Bob’s son in the grassroots MMFL.

Barb Moncrieffe joined the MFOA in 1998, working the yardsticks in her first year and the minor games the following year . The wife of a provincial body builder wanted to try her hand at the sport she liked and enjoyed the opportunity. Barb retired when she was expecting her first child.

Brenlee Dowd worked MMFL games in 1998 when the MFOA provided services to that league.

Amy Sherbain worked High School and Midget games in 2004-05. After watching games both amateur and professional locally, Amy attend the Winnipeg Blue Football Clinic for Women. Having experienced football from the fan and players' perspective, Amy answered a recruitment ad and attended the FCOCP level 1 clinic. Amy learned quickly and was developing her officiating skills to the point where she completed her FCOCP level 2 theory, but work commitments made her cut short a promising officiating career.

The MFOA currently has five female officials: Darla Caligiuri, Stephanie Korchynski, Cheryl Kostelnyk, Kennedy Molloy, and Lori Turski.

Father and Son(s) Combinations

Gordon and Glen Johnson

Glen officiated for 24 seasons in the CFL, working 416 games (including 11 Grey Cups). Glen and his father Gord hold the distinction of being the only father and son to have officiated CFL games. Gord was an official for 16 years in the CFL and he officiated in four Grey Cup contests: 197? (head linesman),1979 (head linesman), 1980 (field judge) and 1983 (back judge)

Rollie and Scott Mathieson

Executive and former life member Rollie Mathieson served as the MFOA Assignment Secretary for thirteen consecutive years. Scott Mathieson followed in his father's footsteps, joining the MFOA in 1976.

Ray and Louie Ariano

Dan WalchukSr, Dan Walchuk Jr., Richard Walchuk

Brother Combinations

Brothers Reach CFL by Different Routes

James and Bobby Kraemer

Bobby Kraemer went from all-star quarterback with the University of Manitoba Vanier Cup champions in 1970 to star with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers from 1971 to 1974.

James Kraemer joined the CFL officiating staff in 1988 and worked as an on-field official until 1996.

Ritchie and Wade Miller

They were both linebackers who played for the Manitoba Bisons and both made the CFL, but in different capacities. Wade had a 10 year career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers ending in 2006. Ritchie embarked on a CFL officiating career in 2008. Another thing in common in their pro careers: they were both assigned the number 34.

Brothers Officiating in the CFL

Mike and Jack Ewatski

Mike and Jack, besides being brothers, both worked for the Winnipeg Police Service and both officiated in the CFL. Mike worked for the emergency response unit (911) and Jack eventually became the Chief of the WPS and retired from the CFL. Jack remained involved with football as a member of the Winnipeg Rifles executive.

Father-Daughter Combinations

Jim Peters and Emily Peters

Jim wanted to spend quality time with his daughter and do football officiating at the same time. What a better way than to work games with her. Emily officiated at the minor level with the MFOA  from 1995 to 1997 as a FCOCP  level 1 official.

Father, Son and Daughter combinations

Bob, Kevin, and Karen Strong 

Bob Strong officiated in the MFOA and worked minor games with his son, Kevin, and daughter, Karen, for a number of  years beginning in 1987, making this a true family involvement.